Our New Website! 

Here it is, the launch of our new website. It's not completely finished; there is still a bit of work to do in our branding section and additional video testimonials are still to go online. Yet here at Duo,we are so excited by our new site that we couldn't hold it back any longer.

What's New?

The layout has changed quite a lot. Since our last site, the general use of bigger screens means we've been able to make our site a little wider than it was. Also, because of the massive take up in broadband, we have brought broadband content to the front page showing off excerpts from our video testimonials.

We have launched our online video service to help our clients get video on to their site. We have had the skills in house quite a while now, but since the inception of 'You Tube' the trend to get video online has really taken off.

We have also decided to shout about the great corporate id and logo design we have been doing. This has never been a focus of the company, but our designers here have managed to help create some very strong brands over the years and we thought it only right we put a section together to show these off.

All in all, Duo Design has moved on a long way over the past year and the new website is testament to that.

If you would like futher information on our new services or would like to comment on our new (almost complete) site please feel free to contact us now.