Duo Launch MSP iPhone Tenant App

Duo Design have just launched the mspCircuit App for the iphone.
An interactive business resource, msp Circuit provides an online corporate forum where msp’s community of science park tenant companies can network, share best practice, market their company to other tenants, and keep up to date with news and developments on the Science Park. 

The mspCircuit app offers a mobile, iphone friendly way of getting information from mspCircuit while out and about. Event, News, Alerts and the latest Tweets are all available in this simple easy to use iPhone App.

The App is free to use, but only really of use to tenant companies. To tweet you will need to log-in with your mspCircuit login credentials. 

If this simple App proves popular we would like to extend its feature set to include fault reporting, room booking and other features to help tenants communicate both with the science park and other tenants.

As our first iPhone App we were very pleased with the development process and the first time acceptance into the apples app store. This integration of data taken from our content management system and our 'Duo Connect' components into a mobile platform is only the 'tip of the iceberg' in terms of what we hope to achieve in the future, helping our clients create a multi-platform communications