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To our amazement today we received an Apple iPad !

After hearing that developers in the US were going to get their hands on iPads early, giving them an unfair advantage on the app-store we wrote to apple pleading our case. We included all the ideas we had for our apps on the upcoming device and to our surprise they responded.

In a letter from Apple UK we were reassured that we would in fact have an ipad in our hands on launch day, Saturday the 3rd of April, but to our surprise it actually arrived today.

As far as we know we're the first in the UK to get our hands on this device, though there have been rumours that other devices have been in the hands of developers in the US. We've not been asked to sign any secrecy agreements, so we thought we'd shout about it (well mention it here). If you want to have a quick mess with our new iPad, feel free to pop along to our office, we may even give you a sneak peek of the apps we're developing.