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Find out how easy it is to edit a fully editable website

Innovation – Duo CMS

Easy and intuitive to use  
Looks like your website even while editing (non technical interface).  
No software needed on your computer  
Edit from anywhere and in all major browsers making our system PC & Mac compatible.  
Flexible design & functionality
Bespoke design & robust tried and tested software system.

Multi-server set-up - full fail over backup server
High availability, increased data security and ongoing Business continuity.

Every website programmed in-house by our team of expert programmers
We don't out-source, or off-shore. Every line of code written for your website is developed in house so if anything needs fixing we know how to do it.
Despite our content management system forming the basis of all of our websites, the solutions we provide are still very much 'tailor made' to our clients requirements. The background of the directors at Duo is first and foremost in the area of design, and this has ensured that our products are flexible in this area. The business model that we follow allows our CMS system to be customised both in design and technical specification; allowing Duo to create a best fit solution, and in particular one which reflects the market in which each of our clients are operating.   
Duo’s content management system provides a non-technical intuitive user interface which enables clients to edit and expand their websites with little or no training. It has also permitted our clients a great deal of power and freedom when developing their on-line marketing.

In addition, we offer a variety of ‘add-on’ modules for the core system. These can be purchased by the client during the original website development, or any time thereafter. This modular approach enables our clients to choose a solution which best meets their immediate and future budget and needs; offering what is in effect a mass customisable product.

Duo CMS (Content Management System)  

DUO CMS is advanced and flexible with the ability to easily edit text, upload images, banners and various file types. In addition, the system enables you to add pages and is editable from anywhere, anytime without installing any software. As it has been developed in-house over an 8 year period, tailoring our system to client specification is straightforward. With its raft of modular plug-ins, it has become increasingly easy to create a good match for all our clients’ needs. Examples include the launch of a 3000+ page site, which is being actively edited in 5 countries and languages around the world.