Community & Membership based solutions


We work with numerous trade associates and membership organisations. The key to a strong internet presence for these companies is to communicate with their membership and provide them with value added services.

Intra-nets, Extra-nets and Member Restricted Content.

Member restricted content gives your members another reason to renew their annual membership. We can also utilise membership discount systems each time the website sells products and services. Each item has a member and non-member price. In one example we even tell non-members how much they would have saved if they join (they often save more than the membership fee). Features like this are possible because each membership can have custom elements added to it, we program every element in-house, so we can customise it to meet your exact requirements.

Members Managing Their Own Accounts

The standard members area system includes an 'update my details' section. This allows your members to update their own details which are propagated to your user database. If your site contains a members directory this data can also be automatically pushed through to the directory profiles, meaning it's one more thing you don't have to maintain yourself.

Member Suggested Content

User generated content is often as useful and informative as content you generate yourself, but it doesn't take any time or resources for you to create. Many of our membership sites have 'suggest news', 'suggest events' and even 'post your job vacancy' sections to allow your members to shout about their activities. All of these sections generate an email when this data is submitted so you can have editorial control on which posts you want to publish, and which ones you choose to reject. The system also emails the contributor to tell them their content has been published or rejected.

Member Only Discussion Forums

Getting your users to ask and answer each others questions is a fantastic was of getting your members to interact in a useful and engaging way. Engaged members are much more likely to remain members so anything you can do to encourage this is a good idea. There is no need to keep these forums hidden either. In fact if you make it possible for everyone to read the forums, but only members to participate it helps make your site visible to search engines and attract new members who join just so they can ask your other well informed members a question which is critical to them.

Recent Login and Activity Statistics

When running a membership website it's good to know how many logins you get, whose logged in and how often they use the site. We store these statistics in our CMS system and present them as simple activity lists on the back end of your website. This helps to identify your top members, and also lists the most recent logins so you can see who is currently using the site.

Fully Integrated into E-commerce and E-Newsletter Solutions

Duo CMS has a unified user database, separating users with a combination of groups and user permissions (both flexible), both the e-commerce and e-newsletter systems tapping into this user data. This combined approach means adding the Newsletter feature instantly allows you to send information straight to your members without having to worry about moving user lists around. It also allows the users to maintain their newsletter receive preferences via their usual login. In some circumstances, as mentioned above, combined with e-commerce it also allows you to offer discounts and different pricing structures to your members.