Custom Programming for Individual Solutions


Our CMS system covers the needs of our clients most of the time. However we do have clients who want either extra functionality over and beyond what our content management system provides, or they require us to develop a specific web application. 

Web based applications are becoming increasingly common. Sometimes they form part of a website, i.e. a interactive game. Sometimes they are the website in it's entirety.

Our team of in-house developers are experts in developing web applications.  Their wealth of experience on our own system can be utilised to get your 'web app' up and running. We have expertise in many coding platforms including Linux, PHP, MySQL, Javascript (including major frameworks i.e. JQuery, Prototype, Mootools), Flash & Actionscript, CSS and HTML. These tools combined make it possible to create almost anything on-line. This kind of work is typically priced based on our time.  

Specification and Visualisation

The first stage of any bespoke programmed solution is the specification and visualisation phase. We like to keep things simple, in a way everyone can understand. Writing long detailed planning documents we find counter productive as these specifications are often unread by both clients and developers. Instead we typically create a short written specification indicating all the features, showing where necessary more details and references to existing online examples of similar functionality. We update this specification during the development process with the use of early prototypes, these help indicate how specific functions will work. We allocate time in the development process for this flexibility so any deviation from the prototypes is allowed for in the final application.

Also to help alleviate any wasted time when programming interface elements to the application, we mock these up as a simple visual. Presented as a Jpeg image these can be easily modified to met client specifications prior to programming. Much like when we develop websites we find this method to be an efficient way of communicating our designs prior to writing code.

Utilising Open Technologies

We write all our server side code in the well established PHP language. When useful we utilise frameworks (i.e. Codeigniter) to help streamline the development process and prevent the inevitable 'wheel re-invention' which can so often slow down custom development. We do likewise on the client side with JavaScript frameworks (i.e. Jquery). Writing code for Linux servers gives us even further flexibility when it comes to building in specific functionality. Linux, an open source operating system untilsed on over 60% of all websites, has a wealth of open-source features which we can tap into for everything from PDF manipulation to tapping into a wealth of API's provided by many of the leading websites (flickr, facebook, google etc.).

Refining, Bug fixing and Support

Inevitably with any code, not everything works as expected from day one. We typically support code during the first month of use and help refine, when necessary, to make sure it works within the parameters which have been laid out at the specification stage. This refinement and Bug Fixing is costed up-front so our customers do not incurr any additional costs. This is often the most critical phase of a project, at Duo we have a vested interest in making sure all our projects go as smoothly as possible and that our clients are happy with the service we provide at all stages of the project.