Design & Build

Website design & development  

Design Phase

We typically design the majority of websites we develop for our clients, although we do occasionally work in association with marketing agencies to develop a site which conforms to current marketing materials. As the web is now the primary marketing tool for any modern business we can also simply convert an existing website making it a fully editable cms driven solution.

The process we typically follow is to have an exploratory meeting with you to get to know a little about you, your business and the markets you operate within. We then try to get a feel for what you believe your website should say about your business and attempt to prioritise this information into a handful of key messages and specific information streams.

With this information we design a series of non-interactive visuals to show you our initial ideas. These visuals detail elements that will be integrated into the layout of the website such as news, projects, search facilities, member login panels etc.

Online stills are utilised to give you a visual illustration of the web design concepts. This process allows us to refine and develop a unique site design, enabling you to give feedback on the concepts. The process allows us to finalise the website’s look, feel and navigation, before we move to the next stage; which is the programming of the site templates. Site visuals are not fully interactive (they are simply images) but they are accurate facsimiles of how your final site will look.

Website Programming

At this design stage we will have outlined the visual style and layouts for the website, illustrating how the various types of information will be displayed. This often results in a handful of template variations being developed, for use by Duo and the site administrators when developing and growing the website. For example, we may decide that certain information should be displayed in a particular way and this is where - if necessary - we would programme another template to address this need. 

Branding & Corporate Identity

Although we're primarily a digital development agency, it is not uncommon for clients to choose to re-visit their corporate identity when re-developing their website. If asked to do this we can redevelop your logo and brand guidelines during the website development process. We can then provide all the art-work and appropriate documentation necessary for you to re-purpose this new identity in print or other mediums.