Easy edit shopping solutions

Fully Designed On-line Store Tailored To Meeting Your Specific Requirements

All of our on-line stores sell different products, with different requirements in terms of user interface and product description. Because of this we programme each of our e-commerce systems individually utilising core code for speed but customising it each time to suit our clients individual requirements. This allows us to make a best fit solution for our clients. We can integrate a whole host of functionality to meet your needs or strip it down to the bare minimum to meet your budget. From simple single product purchases with paypal through to multi-thousand product catalogues we can meet the requirements of any client and most budgets.

Fully Searchable Website and Store

The key to a good e-commerce experience is finding the product you want to purchase. We encourage all of our e-commerce clients with a catalogue of products of a reasonable size to invest in a search facility. Ease of use will go a long way, not just in winning new customers but ensuring they come back. When selling on-line only one website can be cheapest, everyone else needs to offer something different and a good search functionality is a great differentiator.

Stock Control Customised To Your Needs

Some of our clients sell unique products, as soon as they sell that item it needs to be removed from the store. We have others who have an infinite stock level for every product (software, music etc). Other clients need to be able to link in with a back end stock control system. Each requires a bespoke stock control element to suit their individual needs. Because each of our e-commerce solutions is programmed in-house with our own e-commerce system we can customise the solution to meet these varied requirements making your website a closely integrated part of your business. Getting stock control right means you never let your customers down.

Range of Payment Processing Options

Taking money on-line can be a security mine field. We suggest to our clients to out source this high risk element of their site to 3rd parties who specialise in secure on-line payment processing. We typically integrate with Paypal, Sagepay and Worldpay. Though we are happy to integrate with any third party for an appropriate development cost.

When linking into third party providers we spend time customising their pages to look identical (when possible) to your website to give the users a seamless payment experience, returning to your site on completion of the transaction. We also advise on which provider to use depending on expected turnover from the website.

Selling Digital Downloads

We also have experience in selling digital assets on-line, selling digital downloads is almost the perfect business model. Your stock takes up no real space, there is no postage and packaging and your stock is almost limitless. However managing who has paid for what needs to be maintained and each user needs to be able to login to get hold of their purchased items, not just today but for quite some time to come. To this end we have developed a system which allows users to buy from you, then once the payment has been confirmed the user then gets access to the files you have sold them via their own personalised download section of your site.

Selling Watermarked Documents

We have clients who sell pdf documents. The problem with this is that pdf's are infinitely copyable. To help protect the clients IP (Intelectual Property) we developed a system to place a watermark on each page showing the customers email address and company name along with a copyright notice. With this in place, although it's still possible to duplicate, it is also very easy to know who bought the document originally, dissuading if not eliminating breach of copyright.

Giving the Option To Buy Direct, or Buy From Distributors

We work with a large number of manufacturers many of whom rely on a chain of distributors to sell their products, but most would also like to sell their products directly to end users. The problem that arises though is that manufacturers don't want to be seen to be competing with their own distributors.

For this reason we have developed a system which allows users to go to a chosen manufacturer's website and fill their basket with the product they want to purchase. When they get to the checkout they're asked if they want to buy direct from the Manufacturer or send their basket to a local distributor (who are listed at this stage). The manufacturer only sells at recommended retail prices, so there is often a price benefit to going local. This set up works for everyone involved. It gives free advertising and potentially news customers to the distributors, but also allows the manufacturer to sell direct without competing. On the sites we have launched this on it has proven to be extremely successful without upsetting any valuable distributors.