E-Marketing & Communication Solutions

Connect with Your Customers

It's easy as a company to get obsessed with winning new business from new customers, when in effect, mining your current client base would often be easier and more fruitful. It's often the case that your existing clients are in need of your help but just haven't got around to, or have not thought of contacting you. Keeping your name in the forefront of their mind is what marketing is all about and sending E-newsletters about what you are currently up to or what goods and services you have to offer is a nice simple way of doing this.

Custom Built Templates Built to Work With Your Website

Our e-newsletter / e-shot system is seamlessly integrated into the websites we design and build. We provide you with custom built templates which are edited in the same way as the rest of your site, but are programmed to work well with email clients (i.e. Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Mac Mail and many more). You can simply update the content of your newsletter, send a test to a small group of in-house users and providing you are happy with the content and overall look, send it out to your full mailing list.

User Import From Excel

Our e-newsletter system has the ability to import your users from an excel spreadsheet (csv file) which is simple to output from most database and spreadsheet applications. Users who are already in your user management system will be updated, but their newsletter sending preferences (if they have unsubscribed for instance) will be maintained.

Build and Manage Your Mailing Lists

Each site we build with an e-newsletter / e-shot system comes with pages for subscribing and unsubscribing users. The subscribe page sends out a simple email to confirm the user wishes to subscribe, with a link they need to click to confirm. This double opt-in system conforms to European guidelines on how to maintain electronic mailing lists. Also in addition to subscribing, each newsletter that is emailed contains a link which allows users to unsubscribe after receiving the newsletter. This helps to keep your mailing list down to just the people who want to receive marketing communications via email and filter out those who do not.

Campaign Archives

When a e-newsletter is sent out, our newsletter system takes a copy of how the newsletter appears at the time. This allows you to see what was sent (in case the newsletter is modified later). It is not uncommon for our clients to simply update the previous newsletter, to basically update each time instead of completely rewriting. These campaign archives can also be listed within your site if you want to redirect people to your past newsletters.

Send to hundreds of thousands of recipients

Our e-newsletter / e-shot system has been used by various companies and organisations for a wide variety of audience size. One of our clients sends out up to a hundred thousand newsletters a month in batches of around 40,000 at a time. Because of the way we push out our newsletters through dedicated mail servers the numbers we can send are only really limited by your subscription base and your ability to cover the infrastructure costs which we need to pass onto you. Our newsletter costs are very reasonable though and start from as little as £10 per month.

Tracking Your Results

Newsletters sent from the latest version of our CMS record some very detailed and useful data about your readership. We record the total sent, confirmed reads, bounces and unsubscribes. All of these can be accessed as searchable lists of user details. Confirmed readers can also be clicked on and we can provide stats of which newsletters have been read and which pages of on your site have been viewed.

There is also the option of bringing up the newsletter which you have sent and overlaid over the newsletter there are a series of yellow boxes indicating which links have been clicked and by how many people. Any of these yellow boxes can be clicked and it will give you a list of who clicked them. This information is invaluable if you want to get back to your clients to further pursue offering them a service they appear to be interested in.

Fully integrated with E-commerce and Membership Solutions

Because the user database used in the e-newsletter system is the same used in the membership and e-commerce areas it is possible to quickly tap into pre-created mailing lists. As a membership organisation you can email your clients simply by choosing to 'send' to your membership groups. Or if you maintain an on-line shop you can invite your customers to subscribe to your e-newsletter when they buy your products. Having all of these databases in one place also allows you to re-purpose the user data without any work at all.