iPhone & iPad development + website integration


Mobile platforms are a rapidly growing way to interact with the internet. The iPhone and iPad have spear-headed this transformation into mobile data with their revolutionary app store in 2007. Since then many millions of apps have been released. Mobile apps allow you to interact with your customers everywhere they go, with high speed 3G connections and the mobile computing power these mobile platforms provide, the opportunities are almost endless.

Utilise Camera, Audio Recording and GPS Data to Get Information From Your Users iPhones To Your Website

Mobile applications offer benefits far beyond that of traditional web experiences because the mobile platforms give access to a whole range of multi-media hardware which is consistent across all the devices. GPS to discover the users location, video and photography along with audio recording and touch screens all make these devices much more flexible in many ways than a desktop computer. Combined with the fact that these devices can be used almost anywhere makes them ideal for sending and receiving data while on the go.

If your products and services would benefit by being accessed while out and about, then 'IOS' (iPhone Operating System) app development is an excellent first step into mobile application development. Apple has provided a consistent platform to allow us to create, test and distribute an application with relative ease. Once launched, if successful, it then provides a great foundation to create the mobile application for other platforms (i.e. Google Androind, Nokia and Blackberry OS)

Make Your Website Data Mobile

Duo's unique offering for iPhone and iPad apps is our wealth of web experience. We have the ability to get your online data pushed through to your mobile application and visa-versa. Interaction of this kind is invaluable to businesses who want to enable both their customers and staff to interact with their on-line information and provide feedback.

A case study of how mobile apps can be integrated into your website can be found here.