Search engines (SEO)

Search Engine Friendliness Built In

When we originally built our content management system, we already had a very clear idea how to make it as search engine friendly as possible. We built it to use clear, hierarchical path structure, full standards compliant html and avoided using any query strings or graphics based text. We basically followed Google's guidelines on building an easy to index site. By 'baking' these features into the site it makes many of the tasks involved in search engine optimisation much simpler. Instead of worrying about circumventing frailties in the software you can concentrate on writing great user friend and search engine friendly content.

Sites Do Better With Duo CMS

In our six or so years of developing CMS sites for our clients, we always get an increase in traffic. This is usually partially due initially to added interest in the site because of the fresh content. But this increase keeps on growing month on month. This is partially due to the ease at which Google can read the web content, but it's also due to the ease of updating. Google loves fresh content and when it only takes you a few minutes to add a new news story, event or site section it takes away all the barriers to keeps your site up-to-date.

Google Analytics Quickly Integrated at no Cost

The template system we utilise when we programme your site allows us to easily add the footer code provided by Goggle to your whole site. It takes us such a small amount of time to do this we don't charge for this.

SEO Tools - For those with More Tweaking Time

Google suggests you use unique and descriptive individual page titles and page descriptions on every page. Our CMS system does a good guess at creating these for you. For clients with a bit more time though we are able to give you access to these 'meta tags' directly so you can spend a little more time creating your titles and descriptions with a bit more care. The default guesses are pretty good most of the time, but if you want to control exactly what google displays in your search result this added level of control is a great feature.

Helping Hand from SEO Experts

If you're in a competitive market and you simply don't have time, or don't have success in implementing your own SEO solution then we're happy to offer a helping hand. We have experts on hand to review your site and put in place a regular update schedule to create and refine content to get the best results for your site.