Social Integration

Reasons to Be Social

The world is going web social. Not just for personal use, but in business too. CEO's are being judged on how many tweets they make and if they are in touch with their customers from the comments they make. It should be no surprise then that your website should be social too. Twitter, facebook, linked in, whatever your flavour of social communication we can help you get your site to interact simply with all of your social accounts.

Automatically Pull In Your Social Updates

If you tweet everyday, a great way of getting more people to follow you is to output your latests tweets to your website. There are numerous free tools available to do this, but we can also create something which more closely integrates with the look and feel of your site either during the design process, or later.

Automatically Push Out Your Website Updates to Your Social Networks

Everyone seems to be pulling content into their site from facebook, twitter and others. However keeping corporate accounts all up to date can be a real time waster. For instance if you run a shopping centre and you have a competition, do you really want to have to add it to your website, then go to facebook and add it there, then log into twitter and do it again? Our 'social push-out' functionality can save this round trip work. We basically give you the option when publishing a page to push out the headline / title of the page complete with a link to the page on your site on all your social networks. With one click you've updated your tweets and facebook wall all in one go.

Allow Your Users To Socially Bookmark Your Content

Social bookmarking can be easily added to all of your content. This feature allows people to record and recommend your content to their friends bringing in more users to your site. With a simple set of links against each page or news headline you make it really easy for the user to do this. It's not just traditional social book marking like delicious and digg, but tweeting about links and using facebook like buttons all count towards the social bookmarking effect.

Save Bandwidth and Pull Your Video Directly From Your You Tube Account

Using on-line resources such as YouTube can have multiple benefits. In the past having video on your site was costly, the bandwidth increase caused by hosting video would typically be passed onto you by your web host, often resulting in high hosting costs. YouTube and other video hosting sites take away this cost, freeing you up to utilise video far more.

Also in the past year free video hosting sites have removed previous crippling limitations on video length and quality, meaning you can now host video in full high definition and of a reasonable length.

The further added benefit of hosting your video offsite (while keeping it on your pages) is it has a secondary effect on the search engines. Since Google purchased YouTube in 2006 it has been showing search results for YouTube content in it's search results. Video on YouTube therefore can actually help attract even more people to your site, especially if you make use of your website address both in your videos and associated meta-data.