Your website is a very important part of your businesses 'shop front' to the world. Your ability to update and maintain your site is therefore very important to your business. We do everything we can to make sure your experience with our content management system is as simple as it can be, helping you through every step.  The team at Duo are there ready to help from completion of the site up until you are proficient enough to take the reigns and maintain the website without help. We're also able to offer paid consultancy to you when you just can't do something yourself, be that preparing some snazzy flash animation, slide show, or when you just need some eye catching copy writing. 

One to One Training

Usually prior to your site going live we will spend anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours with you to take you through the site editing process. We spend time showing you how to log in, add pages, edit content and insert media (document, images etc. ). We try to do this, when possible, at your premises using the computer you will be using to edit the site. This way we can discover any issues you may have with your machine and help you overcome these issues in the training session.

On-line Video Tutorials

Not all of our clients update their sites every day, or even every week so we provide on-line video tutorials as an easy to digest aid-memoir. These tutorials can also come in useful if you need to ask someone else within your organisation to take over the editing role while you are away on holiday. The videos are split into simple task based tutorials, each video only lasting a couple of minutes each.

Over the Phone Support

Occasionally our clients are trying to achieve a task with their website which our documentation and videos just don't cover, or they have discovered an obscure bug which they want to check with us. These issues are often quickly resolved via a simple phone call. We can walk you through what you are trying to achieve,  and provide suggestions on the best resolution. There is typically someone who can help during office hours and we're more than happy to discuss and resolve any issues Duo CMS users are having. In some cases these phone calls are very useful because they highlight issues we need to resolve in the CMS, or pointers which need adding to the instruction and tutorial videos.

Remote Desktop Guidance

There are times when a support call is just not enough. Sometimes seeing the problem with your own eyes is the only way to understand and therefore resolve it. To this end we use an internet based remote desktop system. We send you an email, you click the link and with a few security checks we're able to see and in some cases control your screen. With this software we can then walk through with you what you are doing and what problems you are having. We can then help you resolve the problem as if we were sitting next to you.