User Management Tools

Flexible User Database Integrated With All Elements Of Duo's Content Management System

The problem with many on-line solutions is they are often not in one place. Newletter systems, members areas, e-commerce, bulletin boards are often all supplied as separate entities. When this happens user management can be very trick and often involves exporting and importing user lists across many systems and trying to keep all these systems synchronised can be a real handful.

At Duo we realise that this need not be the case. We have developed all of our systems to run from a single central user database. If someone signs up to your newsletter, that same account can be used in conjuction with your e-commerce, bulletin board or members areas. We simply utilise a groups and permissions system so each user account can be given a whole range of access rights and permissions, you can even allow them to edit part or all of your site, right from the same simple to use user interface.

User Groups for Use with Newsletters and On-Site Permissions

User groups can be set up both for permissions (i.e. Members group can access the members area) but also to help segregate people for use in your Newsletter Mailing lists. For example you may have a client group for your current clients, so you can email those users separately. Users can be placed in multiple groups, but the newsletter system is intelligent enough to only email them once if you choose to send your newsletter to more than one group.

Links With E-commerce System For Purchasing History

Because your 'purchasing' users are also held in the same database it is possible for us to create members areas, allowing your clients to log in to view their past invoices. They could also view their purchase history or even allow for the downloading of previously purchased software or music and media downloads.

Links With E-Newsletter System For Newsletter Reading and Site Visiting Statistics

The user database link with the E-Newsletter system becomes even more useful when combined with the statistics the newletter system collects. It is possible to view which newsletter your users have read. After they click a link in your email, it also 'cookies' the user so you can track their site usage beyond the newsletter. This feature gives you a complete read history for that user across your website. You can see which pages they looked at and from which newsletter they originally came from. Because you can see how much time they spend on each page, it also gives you a feel for if they are genuinely interested in something and perhaps even follow it up with a sales call.

Links with Site Based Directories - For Distributor and Membership Directories

The User Database information can be further utilised by allowing it to be pulled to the front of your website in the form of a Membership Directory. Membership organisations find it very useful to encourage inter-trading amongst their membership.  Utilising a centralised user database in this way, that can be updated by the users themselves is an excellent method of sharing data in a very low maintenance, easy to update way.