Why Choose Duo ?

  • Price we quote is the price we charge
  • Excellent Level of Design and Development Skills
  • One of the Easiest Ways to Update Your Website
  • SEO & Usability as Standard
  • Established since 2002
  • Don't need an internal IT team to work with us ( We speak English )
  • We Offer a Very Broad Range of Web Related Services

We are amongst one of many web design companies in the UK today. Web design comes in many guises and many levels of quality.  We know to succeed we need to keep quality up and costs down.

Our chief way of achieving this is to develop websites that have a good shelf life. No company wants a web site which is impossible to upgrade, or keep up-to-date. Going for a low cost quote may get your company on-line but can you change the information once it is there? Duo web sites are built to be upgradeable.

We have found from looking at our competitors that they tend to fall into two camps. There are the programmers who produce sites which work well, search engines can read them but they do not always look very professional. In contrast there are designers who often produce flash sites that look good but are often unintuitive to use and search engines ignore them.

Duo believe in taking the best of both worlds. We produce our sites to make them search engine friendly but still look professional. We use flash when visual impact is necessary but try to keep the content and interface as intuitive as possible. We programme our sites to keep content separate from style, so it is easy to upgrade the look of a site without having to retype the content. But most importantly we try to understand our clients needs both for now and the future, and programme sites which will serve them both today and tomorrow.

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