idiot proof editing

DUO's easy edit websites make your business more effective online. It is simple to use, helping you keep your customers informed with all the latest information about your business. The content editing is intuitive and completely non technical. Click here to find our more about our easy to use content management system

stunning bespoke design

Each of our websites is carefully designed to meet the needs of the client and focused to convey their marketing message in a concise and professional manner - click here to find out more about our stunning bespoke design work.

social integration

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Flickr, the list of social tools which can help you market your business are expanding every day. Duo can help you closely integrate these services within your website helping you to spread your marketing message across the web while keeping it consistent and up to date. 

seamless mobile app integration

Our expertise in web programming combined with our knowledge of mobile app development allows us to create iPhone and iPad apps which integrate seamlessly with our websites. Tapping into the data sources used for our CMS system you can update your site and app simultaneously. 

e-shot to thousands of customers

Sending custom e-shots is easy with Duo. By integrating our newsletter system it is possible for you to email regular updates to your many thousands of subscribers. We include all the tools you need to send, monitor and manage your users in an easy to use package - click here to find our more

search engine friendliness built in

Search engines only serve up results for the content they can see. Duo sites are programmed to make it easy for google to see every piece of content. Click here to find out more about how we help you get seen by the search engines.

easy edit shopping solutions

All of our e-commerce sites are easy to update and flexible to use. We create shopping solutions for a whole range of product types and handhold our clients through the pitfalls of selling online. For more information on easy edit shopping solutions click here.

custom programming for individual solutions

For those unique ideas, and innovative approaches we can offer bespoke software development across a range of platforms. For more information on how we can offer a tailor made solution click here.

training and tutorial videos, all included

Helping you help yourself is what we're all about at Duo. With every CMS site we include training, either on site, or here at our offices. We also give you access to printed documentation and a range of demo videos - for more information and examples click here

Digital Agency & CMS Website Design 

Duo Design is a Manchester Digital Agency focusing on web design and development of CMS Website Design.  

We utilise our easy edit websites (CMS - content management system) , flash, video, digital presentations, 3D animation and iPhone Apps to create effective online business solutions; which will help grow your enterprise and have a positive effect upon your bottom line.

With Duo's extensive knowledge of the web, we utilize our CMS Website Design skills and experience to make your products and services accessible all day, every day, around the world. Creating solid database driven solutions, we can help you transform your company, helping you communicate with your clients in a professional and timely manner. As a digital agency that for over eight years has been creating CMS website design & development for companies in Manchester the Northwest and further afield we have many successful projects to our credit, please take a look around and feel free to contact us for further information.

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