Site Information

The site information panel is the first screen you’ll see after logging into DuoCMS.

Editing History

This lists recent pages edits. You can click on the items within this list to go straight to a recently edited pages to continue editing them.

Logged in Users

This lists the currently logged in users. Unlike the other panels on this page, this should update in real time, so you’ll see immediately if a new person logs into the site. You can also see which web browser and operating system they’re using. This should hopefully help debug any issues your website users maybe having due to older web browsers.

Recent Logins

Useful for knowing who’s logged into your site recently.

Top User

This list can be useful to find the biggest logged in users of your site.

File Space

This interface allows you to keep an eye on how much space you’re using. We permanently delete your deleted files seven days after you delete them. This give you a chance to change your mind. If you however you need to free up that space sooner, your can use the cleanup button to purge those files sooner.

Update Your Password

This tool allows you to update the password of the currently logged in user. If the two factor authentication feature is enabled, is also allows you to set that up for your account too.

Dead Link Report

This tool checks to see if the links on your site still work ok. If they’re no longer working they’ll be reported here. This allows you to visit the pages these links are used on and update or remove them.

What’s New

This lists some interesting new features. A full list of what’s changed can also be viewed by clicking the version number (bottom left of each admin page).