Editing A Page

Basic Text Editing Demo

The Edit Page toolbar has a number of sections. From top to bottom find them described below.

The first toolbar has 6 icons, these are

  • Save

  • Close without Saving

  • Undo

  • Redo

  • Page Settings (for just this page)

  • HTML Mode


This toolbar allows you to select and manipulate various elements on the pages.

The breadcrumb style bar (show right as ‘columns’ ‘column’ ‘heading’) allows you to select the parent elements of the item you have selected. 

Once selected the tools below will peform an action on that item. Those tools are

  • Move element up

  • Move element down

  • Add space below element

  • Add space above element

  • Duplicate element

  • Delete Element

Text Tools

This toolbar appears whenever your cursor is inside some text. Unlike the previous 2 toolbars, this one will vanish if a non-text element is selected, replaced by a toolbar specific to that element (eg selecting and image will show the image toolbar)

The text toolbar has the following features

  • Text Type (heading, paragraph etc)

  • Link tools

    • Link Picker

    • Style Picker

    • Open in new tab toggle

    • Remove link

  • Text formatting

    • Bold

    • Italic

    • Underline

    • Strikethrough

    • Superscript

    • Subscript

    • Small 

    • Highlighted

    • Justify left

    • Center text

    • Justify right

    • Full Justify

    • Bullet list

    • Numbered List

    • Indent Text

    • Unindent Text

Media Elements

At the bottom of the toolbar is a section named Media Elements. These are all features which can be dragged and dropped into the page to add specific features. Not all of these will be present on every website. Once dropped into the page, selecting any of these will change the text tools toolbar to one appropriate for that element.

  • Image

  • Horizontal Rule

  • Details popup

  • Insert Video ( from youtube or vimeo )

  • Dynamic lists

  • Tables

  • Slideshows

  • Code Samples

  • Columns

  • Forms

  • Blocks ( for styling )

  • Google Maps

  • Forums

  • Pricetags ( for ecommerce )

  • Booking Calendars ( for room bookings )