Charts are an essential element that every website should incorporate, regardless of its purpose or industry. They provide visually appealing and impactful representations of data, making complex information more accessible and understandable to users. By presenting data in a visual format, charts enhance user engagement and enable visitors to quickly grasp patterns, trends, or comparisons. Whether they are used to display sales figures, survey results, or social media analytics, charts significantly enhance the user experience on websites, making them a must-have tool for any organization or individual seeking to effectively communicate information.

Charts are useful in specific circumstances when you want to display a large amount of figure data. You can display certain information on your website about your company such as how much you have grown over time.

This video teaches you:

  • How to place a chart

  • How to change the type of chart

  • How to change the colour of the sections of information

  • How to add other labels to the chart

  • How to move the legend

  • How to Change the title of the chart

  • To add values to information